Retail Geo-Zoning

Missed Customers and Revenues:
Why Your Local Marketing Plan Is Missing Your Best Customers

Retailers have access to an unprecedented amount of information on market trends and shopper data that can be leveraged to improve marketing communications and bolster the bottom line. When coupled with geographic information, this data set becomes even more powerful, providing game-changing insight into local markets.

We have developed the Ott Communications Retail Geo-Zoning mapping and analysis process to help retailers drive shoppers from 3+ miles away through to the last 3 feet at retail. And we are inviting your team to receive this proprietary analysis, conducted on your brand via our 45 minute WebEx presentation.

What Are The Benefits to Your Stores and Your Brand?

The Ott Communications Retail Geo-Zoning Analytics to Drive Traffic Presentation will provide you an understanding of how shoppers move through various retail zones and identify their communication platforms of choice in order to gain a holistic view about the localized markets where they live.

We believe that while the fight for market shares continues to be waged on a grand scale, the small battles for localized dominance are what will determine the winner in the big war for the hearts, minds and wallets of today’s increasingly fickle consumers. To emerge victorious, retailers need a holistic view of their micro and macromarkets – a view that only Retail Geo-Zoning can provide.

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